In-home Station Installation Services

Based on average square footage, It will cost you no more than $2,500 for us to install an at-home car charger. The 2nd step to purchasing your vehicle.

About Us

At Second Step Charging, we specialize in the installation of In-home Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. We take pride in providing high quality workmanship and service at reasonable prices. Whether your electric vehicle was purchased new or used, going green was the best decision you’ve ever made for our environment. Don’t be inconvenienced by driving to local charging stations just to plug in and wait. We install charging stations for almost any make and model electric vehicle. Let Second Step Charging take care of your in-home charging station needs. Schedule your Free Installation Consultation today!

Benefits of In-Home Charging

As opposed to the common electric car charger provider, we specialize as a company in the installation of this enriching, everyday necessity. Offering a better price than your ordinary installer, who are generally entire electric companies, we take pride in our focus on giving the best possible quality of service in what we specialize. We want to help alleviate any inconveniences that come with having an electric car as the world is going green and evolving into a better place.

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Total: $1,000 Deposit